What’s Happening at Solid Ground

Summer Camp Update

Wow, what a summer it’s been!

Our summer camp kicked into high gear in July with weekly tutoring in math and reading for youth aged 6-12. Volunteers were with us every step of the way providing one-on-one tutoring to children and participating in all the activities. It wasn’t all book learning either, kids participated in hands-on science experiments, took educational field trips, engaged in group team-building activities, and much more.

Our partnership with Century College allowed kids to walk over and use their gym for activities like basketball, kickball and, for those who wanted a different kind of challenge, Legos! Some afternoons were filled with a drumming circle, beach ball math, or reading and concentration.

Youth ages 8-12 prepared and performed a play for the younger kids. This play centered around the theme of kids and their moms. The outdoors made the best place for science experiments centered around fun and learning like Skittle Science, a marshmallow-popsicle stick engineering challenge, and Bubble Snakes!

Field trips this summer included an outing to Dodge Nature Center as youth learned all there was to know about reptiles and amphibians. A trip to Sea Quest was in order for the children as they discovered the creatures of the ocean. And everyone was beyond excited for the last trip of summer to celebrate a successful end to summer camp – Valley Fair!