What’s Happening at Solid Ground

Solid Ground’s Team Approach

Solid Ground works to ensure that all families have access to safe, affordable housing while working toward economic stability, improved health and wellness, and strong community connections. Operating 8 supportive housing programs in the East Metro, Solid Ground serves over 500 individuals annually.  The key to our success is rooted in our housing first model, and our team approach to providing holistic, person-centered services to every family in our programs.

What is the Solid Ground Team Approach?

Each Solid Ground program team includes a Housing Navigator, Family Advocate, and Children’s Services Specialist working together to support families as they  end the cycle of homelessness for the next generation.

Here’s how it works…

The Housing Navigator meets with families while they are in shelter (or other conditions- such as living in their cars, a tent, or doubled up with friends and family) and assists with  housing search and placement by building relationships with landlords throughout our community.  Additionally, the Navigators help identify and eliminate the barriers families experience to housing, such as paying off past rent balances and expunging evictions.

Once a family is successfully housed, they are partnered with a Family Advocate who works with them to develop an individualized goal plan.  Participants and Advocates meet regularly to monitor progress toward the plan, address barriers that arise, and work together to ensure long-term success.

The Children’s Services Specialist assists families with anything child related including obtaining affordable child care, enrolling students in school, serving as a liaison to help strengthen the home-school connection, providing pregnancy support, conducting parenting classes, and more.

In addition to the three core team members, families have access to Solid Ground’s Employment & Education Coordinator who is key to helping families increase their income and economic stability essential to long-term success.