Help for Families Experiencing Homelessness

Do You have Property to Rent?

Help families get a new lease on life by partnering with Solid Ground. Contact us at [email protected] or call us at 651-773-8401 to learn more.

Key Advantages to Renting with Us

  • No more vacancies: we quickly match units with families looking for housing
  • Guaranteed, on-time income: we are responsible for paying rent directly to you
  • Prescreened “smart” renters: we prescreen potential tenants and help them become “smart” renters through our services and support
  • Ongoing support for landlords: we work hard to be responsive and supportive to landlords’ needs to ensure successful experiences for all
  • Ongoing support for tenants: families receive ongoing support with regular staff visits to ensure success

How to Rent with Us

  • Rent your property directly to a family in a Solid Ground program.
    We create opportunities for landlords to relax rental screening criteria and still enjoy tenants who can live independently and afford their rent. Solid Ground families receive monthly rent subsidies paid directly to you. Your exposure is reduced through our Landlord Risk Mitigation Fund.
  • Rent your property directly to Solid Ground.
    We make renting a possibility by acting as the co-signer so that landlords can fill vacant units with ready-to-rent tenants, while helping families find a place to call home. By having Solid Ground as co-signer, landlords can rest assured that we cover the rent and care of their units and we can sublease to a hard-working family who is ready to build their rental history and break the cycle of homelessness for their children.

By partnering with Solid Ground, you not only give families a new “lease on life”, but also make our community better for all!

“My experience with Solid Ground has been great. The case managers are very responsive and will advocate for their residents, while also keeping in consideration management ability to maintain an operational property. They are very quick to take care of any issues or concerns that might come up. They will also follow up at least once a month, if not more frequently, to check in with site staff to make sure everything is going smoothly. I am happy to continue working with Solid Ground and to provide stable homes and community to those who need it.”-  Trudy, Site Manager

“The most valuable attribute to the partnership with Solid Ground is the collaboration they bring.  With family education and collaborative meetings, they work with our management team to offer the best housing experience for all involved with their program.  Solid Ground stands with the property management team to provide the best services to the families we house.” — James, Senior Property Manager