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Top Ten

Top Ten Reasons for Year-End Giving to Solid Ground 10.          You can write off the donation on your taxes 9.            You feel good when you give to others 8.            Solid Ground is a great investment, devoting 88 cents of every dollar directly to programs/services 7.            We serve lots of really cute kids! 6.            Supportive housing […]

Home for the Holidays

For the first time on our blog, we are proud to feature the story Tonya and her family’s experience of being homeless and then home for the holidays. “I became homeless and entered shelter for the first time during the month of December. With me were my three children, ages six months, five and eight […]

Giving Thanks

from Trisha Cummins Kauffman On Thanksgiving Day, my family of three will sit down to a meal big enough to feed 5 times that many people. Everyone has their favorite dish, of course, so none can be left out: for my son, it’s the cranberry dressing; for my husband, homemade sweet potato pie; and for […]

Domestic Violence

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month.  The fact that we even have a month devoted to learning about – and from – domestic violence is a big change from when I worked at a domestic violence shelter in the early 1990’s.  I was working as a Community Prevention Specialist at the shelter when OJ Simpson […]