What’s Happening at Solid Ground

It Takes a Village!

“I’m proud that there are so many good people out there!” -Betsy Gravley, HSWH Family Advocate

Miriam, a single mom of three, heard about the Homework Starts with Home program from a social worker at her daughter’s school.  The family was experiencing homelessness and staying at a domestic abuse shelter.  “She’s experienced too many struggles for one person,” Betsy, the HSWH Family Advocate says as she describes Miriam’s language barrier, refugee status, health issues and concern for her daughters.

Once Miriam and her daughters were stably housed in the program, the lack of transportation became their greatest barrier. One of Miriam’s daughters has multiple medical issues that require visiting the doctor each week, another requires attending school across town. As they have limited access to public transportation, Miriam was renting a car to get everyone where they needed to go but the cost was too great a burden for the family. With the support of several local churches and non-profit agencies in the Suburban Ramsey Family Collaborative, Miriam was able to find and purchase a used car that would meet their family’s needs. “I’m proud that there are so many good people out there!” Betsy says. It truly takes a village to help families move out of homelessness and on to solid ground. We are grateful for your support!