What’s Happening at Solid Ground

Hope for Geena

Geena and her two grandsons recently secured housing in Washington County through Solid Ground’s HomeAgain and Master Leasing Programs. “It is such a comfort to me to be in my own home,” Geena states. “It’s really important to a human being that you can come and go from your own place as you wish.”

Geena is a single parent of adult children and a 15-year-old son who struggles with ADHD and addiction. She moved to Minnesota along with her son and two grandchildren to live with her sister after their parents died. Unfortunately, due to her son’s struggles, the relationship with Geena’s sister soon soured, and they were forced to move out and into shelter.

While in shelter, Geena enrolled her son in Lakeside Academy‘s rehab and behavioral program. Staff at Lakeside connected Geena to St. Andrew’s Community Resource Center, where she was referred to HomeAgain through Washington County’s Coordinated Entry process.

Geena is employed as a home health care provider, a position she held the entire time they were living in shelter! “Taking care of people is my calling,” she claims. Geena’s hard work, courage, and perseverance played an essential role in finding her housing.  She is very grateful for the support provided by Solid Ground and says, “I am so overjoyed and happy that I can be with my grandsons. Without Solid Ground, my sacrifices would have been for nothing. Now I am in a concrete place and able to get back on my feet.”