Program Outcomes

In 2018…

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96% of families in Solid Ground housing achieved housing stability in our programs.

65% of families exiting the program secured permanent housing upon leaving Solid Ground and another 17% secured permanent housing with staff support before expiration of their housing voucher.



97% of school-age children regularly attended school.

87% of adults who were in an education or job training program completed or actively made progress in that program.

52% of families increased their income at year-end or exit from program

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90% of residents accessed resources or were involved in their community.

78% of adults with diagnosed mental illness receive treatment.

84% of adults who abuse substances worked towards sobriety.


Click here to view our complete 2018 Program Outcomes (PDF).

Solid Ground also contributes to local, state and national data collection on homelessness through the Homeless Management Information System.