Help for Families Experiencing Homelessness

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Solid Ground provides trauma-informed care and serves each family in a holistic manner, addressing both the needs of the individual and of the family as a whole. Committed to the ‘Housing First’ philosophy, Solid Ground moves people out of homelessness and into housing first, then provides person-centered, holistic support and services essential for long-term stability.

HomeAgain provides scattered-site transitional housing in Washington County. Families receive an average of twelve months of rental assistance and support services. In 2020, the program housed 75 adults and children (21 families).

HomeFront works with veterans experiencing homelessness, providing affordable housing and supportive services to 10 households, including eight families and two single adults, in a permanent supportive housing setting in Maplewood, MN. In 2020, HomeFront housed 32 adults and children (11 families).

HomeSafe provides scattered-site housing in Washington and suburban Ramsey Counties. Families receive monthly rental assistance, based on unit size, as well as supportive services for an average of twelve months. In 2020, the program housed 60 adults and children (19 families).

Homework Starts with Home is a collaboration with several partners who work with school districts to move families experiencing homelessness quickly out of housing instability into stable housing within the same school district communities. In 2020, Homework Starts with Home housed 160 adults and children (42 families).

East Metro Place provides 20 units of transitional housing, located near Century College in White Bear Lake. All units receive project-based Section 8 rental assistance to make the housing affordable to families with very low incomes. A wide array of supportive services are available to adults and children, including assessment, goal planning, advocacy, basic needs assistance, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, employment services, living skills training (parenting, budgeting, etc.), after-school tutoring and educational support. East Metro Place housed 115 adults and children (29 families) in 2020.

East Metro Place II provides 14 units of permanent supportive housing, added in late 2005 to the White Bear Lake campus. Seven units are designated for homeless families with disabilities (typically mental illness and/or chemical dependency), and seven units serve families with histories of long-term homelessness. As with the transitional housing program at East Metro Place, all 14 families in permanent housing receive Section 8 rental assistance and supportive services. In 2020, East Metro Place II housed 87 adults and children (20 families).

Program Outcomes


Adults and Children Served by Solid Ground


Families Served by Solid Ground

* This is an increase in persons served of 18% over the previous year.

Of the total served, 114 families were housed in our site-based and scattered-site housing programs for families experiencing homelessness, and 28 families received housing search services during the year. Of these, 14 households were still in housing search at the end of the year.  Another 11 families received prevention assistance through our Homework Starts with Home partnership and were able to avoid homelessness (note: these 11 households are not included in the demographics or outcome statements listed below.)

The families served by Solid Ground are very low-wealth households:


78% of families had incomes at or below the federal poverty line


99% had incomes at or below 200% of poverty


80% of households were headed by single mothers


6% were headed by single fathers


14% were two-parent families



  • Asian American/Pacific Islanders/Asian
  • Black/African American/African
  • Native American/American Indian/Indigenous
  • White/Caucasian/European
  • Multi-racial/Multi-ethnic (2+ Races/Ethnicities)
  • Another racial/ethnic identity/Unknown

Adults Served

Children Served

2020 Key Outcomes

Housing Stability

2020 Goal #1 Result: 80% of 142 families secured housing, and another 10% were still in housing search at year end. 80%
2020 Goal #2 Result: 97% of 114 families in Solid Ground housing achieved housing stability. 97%
2020 Goal #3 Result: 88% of 24 families leaving Solid Ground housing secured permanent housing upon exit. 88%

Educational Advancement

2020 Goal #1 Result: 97% of 219 school-age children regularly attended school. 97%

Improved Economic Stability

2020 Goal #1 Result: 41% of 114 families were employed at year-end or exit. 41%
2020 Goal #2 Result: 45% of 24 families increased their household income at exit. 45%

Improved Health & Living Skills

2020 Goal #1 Result: 93% of 153 adults completed or made progress toward a self-identified goal. 93%

East Metro Place
3521 Century Avenue North
White Bear Lake, MN 55110-5689

PH: 651-773-8401

Office Hours: Monday – Friday 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

About Solid Ground

Solid Ground is an award-winning Minnesota nonprofit whose proven, holistic approach helps families build the strong foundations they need to emerge from homelessness into a brighter future. Through safe, affordable housing and innovative supportive programming, Solid Ground helps families break the cycle of homelessness and poverty for the next generation.

At the heart of Solid Ground is the belief that housing stability is fundamental to the healthy development of children and to a family’s ability to be contributing members of the community. Solid Ground currently runs eight programs in the suburban Ramsey and Washington Counties housing nearly 570 women, men and children annually. Our mission is to prevent and end homelessness for families with children in the communities we serve through housing, resources, and opportunity.