How You Can Help

Join us in our work to help families build the strong foundations they need to emerge from homelessness into a brighter future. There are many ways that you can help:

Donate now and help end homelessness for families in our community
Learn about the many ways you can volunteer
Attend a Home At Last Tour to learn more about our programs and the issues faced by our families
Help us spread the word about Solid Ground by inviting us to speak at your club or company

Your support of Solid Ground offers children and families emerging from homelessness the opportunity and help they need to be successful students, parents, employees and community members. Solid Ground helps to end homelessness for families in our community.

For 25 years, our innovative programs have achieved results in ending homelessness for children and families.  With a base of stable housing, and supports for both parents and children, our programs help to break the cycle of homelessness and poverty for the next generation.

For a community concerned with homelessness, Solid Ground is a wise investment.  We consistently target 85-90% of expenses for housing and programs that strengthen families.

Join us today and help end homelessness for families in our community!