Help for Families in Transition

Our Board of Directors

Briana Joyner

Chief HR & Inclusion Officer
Minnesota Historical Society

Ify Onyiah

Chief Financial Officer
MN Dept. of Administration

Cece Owens

People Operations Manager
Drip Global, Inc.

If you are interested in serving on the Board of Directors of Solid Ground, contact the Executive Director at [email protected] or at 651-846-9019. If you would like to get in touch with the Solid Ground Board of Directors, you can email [email protected].

“What drew me to want to work for the families at Solid Ground was attending one of the Home At Last Tours and hearing a wonderful, young mom tell us about how her life’s journey had landed her into homelessness with her children. She spoke about how desperate she was to provide them with a safe place to call home and a good education. The miracle of what she accomplished when given the opportunities at Solid Ground, reached into my heart and made me want to do whatever I could to help more families accomplish what she was describing. To help these amazing families give to their children what we all want, a safe place to call home, the chance for a good education and careers that offer a chance at self-sufficiency, has been an amazing gift to me and my family, that I am very thankful for.” ~
Nancy Mueller, Former Chair of the Solid Ground Board of Directors