Summer Internship at Solid Ground

I am a student finishing a degree in human services. I had the task to get an internship in some sort of work related to my degree. My first pick was Solid Ground. I decided on Solid Ground because I was unfamiliar with the population that the organization serves. Living in the area for many years I had never heard of it. I had no idea what it was about until I visited the website. I was walking into something I had no experience in and I was nervous. After speaking to Jazi, I knew this was the place for me. I had a perfect opportunity to learn from people in their own community without the fear they might have from judgement of others.

In the beginning of May 2017 I started my journey with a new learning experience.  I was excited to jump head first into something challenging. I am so happy I did. In my first few days I had already learned so much. Clients would tell me their story and how they got to where they are now with the support of Solid Ground staff.

One particular situation I will never forget is having a toddler bring me a tea cup to have a tea party in the middle of an appointment. So there we sat on the floor of my office and had a tea party. My day was made! Solid Ground has such a family atmosphere that everyone knows everyone and it’s like one big family.
I admire each person at Solid Ground for the drive to help the tenants succeed in everything they dream of.

As I finish my final days at Solid Ground, I take away these things I have learned:

It’s never too late to change and make a fresh start. Just listening to someone tell their story not only inspires me but inspires them to push for their hopes and dreams. Finally a quote from one of the tenants that will stick with me, “if you use the resources provided, the sky is the limit”.

Thanks to Everyone at Solid Ground for teaching me many valuable life lessons and inspiring me to get involved.

~Submitted by Brittney Sletten, Solid Ground Intern for Summer 2017