Thanks Forever

Earlier this year, Solid Ground received this letter from a mom/grandma of one of our families.  She offered for us to share it so that Solid Ground’s supporters could understand the difference they make by “taking part in this”:

I can’t begin to thank Solid Ground enough, no words can express the gratitude we all feel towards everyone who took part in this. Before she (Misty) lived at Solid Ground and became part of their excellent program, she was shifting from her numerous family and friends in St. Paul. The only stable thing she had was the use of my home address as she bounce around from house to house. Family loved her and Alex, Myla and Aiden. We all felt sorry for them and helped as much as we could. Her way of living caused a lot of problems for everyone, it tore our families apart too. The threatening, the insults were the wrong way we went about it. She always said this.  Solid Ground saved her life. I truly know this to be true. When they gave her and the children a stable place to call home, they also taught her how to live and be proud of her own home. They taught her how to handle her life and guided her throughout her stay here. As she moves on into life she takes with her a strong foundation that you all have created for her. She never owned anything but her personal property. You helped her start out with everything she needs to help start her new life. Thanks forever.

We are extremely proud of this family and all they have accomplished.  Misty has put herself out there, doing things that were difficult and scary.  She is truly working to give her children a better life.  She has grown, and we know it is a privilege to be a part of her life, and the lives of all of the families who come to us.


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